Product Import

This section is dedicated to import procedure from supplier website. First time the page is loaded, if all configurations are correct, will be shown a paged table containing all products available on the supplier.


This table can be filtered in many ways to select only requested products to be imported. Filters can be applied using Search button on the top right corner of the table.

Using Reset filters button the initial situation can be restored.

Note: Filters remain applied even if you navigate other pages of your Wordpress backend!

Interface gives possibility to filter by: Brand, Category, Subcategory and Gender. Whenever products to be imported are filtered (Search button has been pressed and table has been reloaded), it is possible to select products to be imported with the checkboxes on the left side or clicking on Select Visible to select all products in the current result page. To import selected products choose Import action from dropdown menu on the top right corner of the table and press Apply in order start the import procedure. From the 1.0.0 version, the enlisted products are queued in a special database table and imported every 5 minutes in batches of 30 elements. You can track the progress of the procedure in the status page.