Install Procedure

After having purchased and downloaded BrandsSync plugin package you have to install it via Wordpress Administration panel.

From your Wordpress Admin area go to Plugins -> Add new


From Add new, choose Upload plugin and press Upload.


After this, you will have your BrandsSync plugin installed in your Woocommerce.


Be careful

Our plugin request that your server will be able to run every 5 minutes standard Wordpress cron.


We suggest to disable spawning WP-Cron from WordPress itself:

// wp-config.php
define( 'DISABLE_WP_CRON', true );

We suggest to run command via server using crontab manual setup and this syntax:

*/5 * * * * user //path/to/bin/php /path/to/wp-cron.php

/path/to depends on your server configuration.

We suggest choosing a hosting provider with Cpanel access and the chance to configure php.ini max_execution time parameter.

If you follow these instructions you don’t have any problem to keep in sync your products and your orders with

Update Procedure

If you are updating from an older version of the plugin, before installing the newer version, follow the next steps in order to uninstall it: