Order Management

Plugin is able not only to keep products in synch with your B2B supplier but BrandsSynch is also able to send received orders to supplier.

Every time you will receive an order in your ecommerce shop and this order contains a product imported by Brands Sync, plugin will transfer automatically this data to your B2B supplier.


Orders will be synched only if cron are configured in the proper way. To keep in synch items and quantities cron has to be configured in the proper way. Check your status page in order to be sure that procedures are running without errors.

BrandSync is able to add and remove products in a special order (growing order) in your suppliers account which contains all your customers’ product ordered. When products are inserted in a growing order are reserved to your end customers.

In order to check that everything is ok please enter in your profile in your supplier account and check if your growing order is containing ordered products by your end customers.

BrandsSync will be able to send also shipping address of every item ordered so your supplier will be able to dropship directly to your end customers.

If everything is ok, you have to complete your order paying amount due to your B2B supplier. When payment will be received by your supplier, your order will move status from in order from “Booked” status to “Working on” and you will be able to follow order timeline until final delivery to your end customers.


Orders will be dispatched to your end customers only after your payment to supplier.